Video2DV - FAQ

Q1 Video2DV is not working.
A1 If You are sure You have All necessary filters read Q2 else read Q4.

Q2: I can see video, but no audio.
I hear sound but no video.
It works but video stops after a couple of minutes.
It works but with glitch in video playback.
A2: To play files Video2DV uses Microsoft DirectShow technology. It means that Video2DV work depends on DirectShow filters installed in the system. Some third-party filters may not work correctly.
In most cases this problems are due to third-party DirectShow filters.

To resolve problem try to disable or uninstall all third-party filters and codec packs. Some filters may not uninstall correctly. In this case try to reinstall DirectX. Disconnect and reconnect Your DV device with short delay.
Video2DV should work properly now. After this You can install filters You need one by one and discover problem filter.

Q3: I have 'Interface not supported' error message.
A3: You selected 'MainConcept DV Video Encoder' but have no this filter installed. Open Options tab, on system page select 'Microsoft DV Encoder' or install 'MainConcept DV Video Encoder' filter.

Q4: It plays DV-avi, but not plays DivX, mpeg, mpeg2, etc or there is no sound on several files.
A4: You have to install corresponding DirectShow filter.
This is the list of some filters You'll need:
  FFDShow -> DivX, XviD, MPEG-4;
  Ligos -> mpeg-1, mpeg-2;
  AC3 -> AC3 audio;