Video to Miro DC XP

Video2MiroDC XP plays DivX, mpeg, ets through MiroVideoDC30+ card.

Video2MiroDC XP works on Windows XP with Pinnacle MiroVideo DC XP WDM 2.0 driver. This driver is not working with audio part of Miro DC card.
To encode to mjpeg it uses Pegasus Imaging Corporation PicVideo Mjpeg Compressor
Video to Miro DC XP based on the same technology as Video2DV.
It's not tested but should work with MiroVideo DC 30/20/10 cards.

- ver. 2.0. beta 28 March 2004.
with bugs but working.
Designed to work under DirectX 9.0.

Note: Do not send mjpeg files to type with this Video2DC version, because they will be reencoded.