Video to Miro DC 30+

Video2MiroDC plays DivX, mpeg, ets through MiroVideoDC30+ card.

- ver. 1.5. 12 July 2002. Some bugs with troubleshooting/mode2 fixed.
- ver. 1.4. 07 July 2002. Checking for MJPEG type, playlists, troubleshooting.
- ver. 1.3. 20 June 2002. Now You can connect from Graph Edit to player graph, free choice of "audio out".
- ver. 1.1. 31 May 2002. Added ability to increase or decrease play speed, store options in registry.
- ver. 1.0. 26 May 2002. First version.

Player works under DirectX 8.1.
Video to Miro DC30+ for encoding to mjpeg is using only Pegasus Imaging Corporation PicVideo Mjpeg Compressor
For best results try to use ffdshow with resizing option. Try 352*288 (for PAL).

Note: It's possible to use Miro Video DC10 card with patched drivers. Look for them here.